A unique solution for laboratory samples marking

Heinrich-Pette Institut Hamburg, Germany
A unique solution for laboratory samples marking

Our department deals with the study of biological materials structure and the development of electron microscopy methods. For this purpose, we prepare a tissue material for tests that is then filled with epoxy resin and then cut by an ultramicrotome.

The way of laboratory samples marking we used so far, did not meet our expectations. We marked specimen with paper stickers printed in a laser printer. Due to the air contained therein they flowed to the surface of the resin instead of staying in place. This greatly hindered the effective and durable marking of the test material.

We were looking for such a solution that will eliminate the problem and, at the same time, be durable and easy to use. Etisoft has offered us a system consisting of label printing software, thermal transfer printers, labels and a proper thermal transfer ribbon. This solution fully met our expectations and was implemented.

The etiLABEL program makes it easy for us to design an imprint label, according to our specifications.

As a marking agent we use non-glue polyester labels that are printed with resin thermal transfer ribbon.

The labels are embedded in the epoxy resin altogether with the tissue so that each sample can be identified without problems. The most important factor for us is the permanent marking of samples, which unused parts are archived. Etisoft solution was satisfactory also in this aspect.

The trouble-free and simple operation of the printing device and the versatility of the entire system are also key factors. In this case, we can also use the same solution to mark sample tubes stored in liquid nitrogen. The offered labels and imprint remain permanent and legible also in the case when stored in cryogenic conditions.


PhD Rudolph Reimer, Heinrich-Pette-Institut

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