etiCALLS appreciated at the EuroLab trade fair

The etiCALLS laboratory marking system developed by Etisoft won a distinction at the EuroLab trade fair for the second time. Last year it was appreciated in the category “Clean Room Equipment”. This year, however, experts highly valued its advantages in the category “Medical Equipment of Diagnostic Laboratory“. Thank you!

The competition committee assessed our system improving the identification of samples in laboratories:

  • the purpose of the labels, their durability and abrasion resistance, as well as the possibility of archiving the samples marked with labels,
  • usability in biobanking,
  • software: its capabilities, functions, intuitiveness and ease of use. The Commission was also interested in preparing templates for label design,
  • cooperation with databases,
  • printer performance and operation, types of printing, ease of use and printer failure rate.


During the EuroLab fair, participants had the opportunity to see how etiCALLS works in rigorous clean room conditions. Our presentation “etiCALLS – practical aspects of product marking and identification in laboratories and clean rooms” also made this point. It is worth mentioning that etiCALLS has already been appreciated by more than 300 laboratories and blood donation centres in Poland and abroad, which strive to optimize their work and increase the reliability of processes. It is noteworthy that the competition committee assessing etiCALLS evaluated it as an innovative product, which fits the needs of modern laboratories and is particularly useful in biobanking.

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