Labels and markings for laboratories – the etiCALLS system

Medical and pharmaceutical laboratories, not only in the time of the pandemic, must maintain special safety procedures to ensure the reliability of tests. When time, diagnostic accuracy, reliability, and process monitoring matter, etiCALLS is the solution.

A new text on the possibilities of this system has appeared on the blog of Etisoft which is the producer and creator of etiCALLS. Support for sample identification, specialised labels and markings for operation and storage in various conditions means the minimisation of the risk of error and time savings. Therefore, it is not surprising that etiCALLS is being adopted by more and more laboratories.

The representative of the Silesian Medical Technology Park Kardio-Med from Zabrze, which has just become our client, describes the benefits of using etiCALLS in everyday work of diagnosticians.

We encourage you to read the publication.

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