Labels for blood and frozen plasma bags with non-migrating adhesive

Labels for blood and frozen plasma bags

The Regional Blood Center has reported the need to supply labels for blood and plasma bags. It was necessary the labels were compliant with the ISBT standard according to Directive 2002/98/WE, as well as insensitive (the adhesive and labels themselves) to the water environment. The criterion was also the resistance of labels and adhesive to the centrifugation up to 4000 x g and the temperature ranging from -50°C to +80°C, as well as possibility of label application at negative temperatures.

Labels were designed to mark sample tubes, drains, documents and bags in the process of blood and hematopoietic preparations collection, and to label frozen plasma.

A set of the labels and ribbons for BLOOD BAG – was proposed.
These are self-adhesive labels with non-toxic glue characterized by high quality and appropriately selected thermal transfer ribbon for a durable and legible print. The labels hold a certificate that the adhesive offered in the solution can be used for labelling blood containers and its derivatives. They are also compliant with the ISBT standard in accordance with Directive 2002/98/WE and show resistance to moisture. They also positively pass the process of blood samples centrifugation.

The additional advantage of the labels is their ease of removal from the tape after printing, as they are placed on a siliconized backing, which is important while using single use gloves.
Our solution can be used at temperatures ranging from -50°C to +80°C and what is very important, gives possibility of applying labels on frozen products.

The EC-15 labels supplied to the customer and being a part of the BLOOD BAG pack, positively underwent centrifugation tests, passage through the steam tunnel and applying to the frozen base. They demonstrated durability and legibility of the print and are in line with the applicable laws and standards at the same time.

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