Etisoft – comprehensive supplier for pharmacy

At the Congress of the “World of the Pharmaceutical Industry” we will present Etisoft solutions for production in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Congress of the World Pharmaceutical Industry is an opportunity to share knowledge and experience in the field of comprehensive provision by Etisoft of Auto ID solutions for the industry (including solutions for the pharmaceutical industry).

“Etisoft for the pharmaceutical industry” is the main slogan of our presentation.

We want to pay special attention to a full range of authorial solutions supporting production, logistics or warehouse processes.

What will we present and what do we offer to the pharmaceutical industry?

  • labels for the pharmaceutical industry, produced in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice. Also labels protecting pharmaceutical packaging against unauthorized opening
  • our proprietary etiCALLS system, which supports the work of laboratories, equipping them with specialized labels resistant to demanding laboratory tests and devices for their printing and identification.
  • 2D and 3D vision systems – offer advanced scene and object analysis, allow automatic inspection and verification, and can support industrial robot control systems.
  • etiSZOP system controls the whole production process, starting from the raw material delivery from the supplier to the finished product shipment to the customer
  • electronic machine booketiLEDGER – as an electronic mapping of the machine structure allowing to reach every element of the machine and to obtain or input information about it.
  • Print&Apply – automatic label application systems allowing for fuller use of processing capacity of technological lines and significant reduction of production process costs
  • etiSTOCK is an automated consignment warehouse. Thanks to the RFIDtechnology, etiSTOCK continually monitors inventory levels and automatically replenishes shortages without having to order them.
  • AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) is a maintenance-free, fully automated transport of components to the production line. The superior cart’s fleet management system collects and processes data, eliminates the risk of collisions and optimizes the transportroutes about the production hall.

We invite you to meetings and discussions:

  • 13 November at 1 p.m. – for a lecture on how Etisoft supports the pharmaceutical industry,
  • Throughout the Congress to thematic talks at our stand.

Got questions? Our representatives are ready to help:

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