etiCALLS on the Copenhagen LabDays

We improve the laboratories’ work by offering an innovative etiCALLS system. This time, the opportunity to talk about this solution came during the Lab Days fair in Copenhagen. It was the next edition of the event on which our Danish branch – Etisoft Nordic represented us. Thank you for your frequent visits!

We are glad that we can support the development of such a dynamic laboratory industry. etiCALLS stands in line with the highest requirements of medical and pharmaceutical laboratories. This is a unique solution that simplifies identification and marking of the laboratory samples. Also test-tubes, vials, microscope slides. Thanks to it, you can easily and permanently label vessels subjected to freezing, high temperatures and immersed in solvents and chemicals.

As we have emphasized at the fair, etiCALLS provide comprehensive and thorough support to the laboratory technicians. It helps to follow the course of research, or processes to which samples were subjected to. It also helps to collect and process gathered laboratory data. Guests who have visited us during LabDays highly appreciated the possibility of printing labels by themselves, as well as the easy selection of available label formats.

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