Labels for vials and test tubes

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Low temperature labels -80°C

Low temperature labels – thermal transfer printing set including FREEZE labels resistant to low temperature with dedicated thermal transfer ribbon.

FREEZE labels for vials nad test tubes are resistance to storage in freezers and dry ice. Ideal for vials, test tubes, Eppendorf in any size and shape, also together with the cap labels. They are featured with durable adhesion, especially on curved surfaces, as well as high quality of text or barcodes and 2D codes that remain legible when stored at low temperatures.

These labels also apply to vials used in laboratory centrifuges and the spinning process does not adversely affect the adhesion of the label.

Advantages of FREEZE labels for vials nad test tubes:

  • resistance to storage in low temperature -80°C
  • resistance to temperature up to + 80°C
  • excellent adhesion of labels to many surfaces such as glass and plastic
  • designed for long-term storage
  • waterproof
  • resistant to atmospheric agents, low-grade cosmetic acids, oils and greases and mild solvents.
  • durability and legibility of printing


All our products can be purchased directly:

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