Low temperature solution

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Low temperature solution – thermal transfer printing set including FREEZE labels resistant to low temperature with dedicated thermal transfer ribbon.

The labels have been designed to answer the needs of laboratories to overprint patient data as well as barcodes and 2D codes. The labels and their overprint provide clear and secure identification of laboratory samples stored at temperatures ranging from -80°C to + 80°C. Ideal for vials, test tubes, Eppendorf, straws and tubes of any size and shape, together with the cap labels.

They also perform well on multiple freeze and thaw cycles, remaining waterproof and weatherproof. They are stable in contact with oils and greases, low-grade cosmetic acids and mild solvents.

FREEZE labels are characterized by durable adhesion, especially on curved surfaces, as well as high quality text or barcodes and 2D codes which remain legible even when stored at very low temperatures.

Low temperature solution is used in:

  • medical laboratories
  • analytical laboratories
  • cell culture banks
  • chemical / pharmaceutical laboratories
  • forensic laboratories
  • cosmetic laboratories
  • food laboratories
  • water and soil testing laboratories

FREEZE labels are designed for:

  • fast and easy printing directly from your computer
  • desk top thermal transfer printer
  • original software with templates makes it easy to print labels


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